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#1 14-02-2020 06:23:12

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How to fix McAfee Virus Scan installation issues?

mcafee activate - McAfee installation issues usually occur when your PC does not meet the system requirements needed to run McAfee Virus Scan. Follow the steps below and run the McPreInstall tool to optimize the McAfee installation process:
•    Step 1: Open a new browser tab on the computer where you want to install the McAfee software.
•    Step 2: Visit the McAfee website and follow the onscreen instructions to download the McPreInstall tool.
•    Step 3: Double click the McPreInstall.exe file, press ‘Start’ and wait for the tool to complete the set of predefined actions.
•    Step 4: Close the McPreInstall tool and enter this given link in your internet browser: to complete the activation and installation process.

If you notice that the installation error persists even after you run the McPreInstall tool, you call the customer care number and ask for help.

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#2 27-03-2020 23:27:28

Je trouve plus la sortie ^^
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Re: How to fix McAfee Virus Scan installation issues?

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#3 31-03-2020 11:37:39

Et si je m'installais ?!
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Re: How to fix McAfee Virus Scan installation issues?

I never had any problems with installation of any free antivirus. They were always ready to go.

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#4 07-04-2020 12:16:55

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Re: How to fix McAfee Virus Scan installation issues?

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