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#1 06-04-2020 09:24:11

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What are the Myths people have related to the COVID-19?

Coronavirus Disease or COVID-19 is a type of Flu that outbreaks all over the world since December 2019. Till now this flu has infected more than a million peoples all over the world and killed over 53 thousand peoples. Almost every country in the world has announced Coronavirus or COVID-19 a pandemic and is in a complete lockdown state due to the outbreak of the virus. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads through the droplets, generated when an infected or ill person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. To protect yourself, clean your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. As the drug for the virus still not discovered it is better to stay safe, stay home cause anyone can catch corona whether you are young or old. By washing your hands time to time will keep you safe from the virus/

Here are some of the Myths Regarding the COVID-19 or coronavirus

1. Exposing yourself to a higher temperature or sun does not prevent the disease COVID-19 or coronavirus it is the same for the cold weather as well.

2. Being able to hold your breath without coughing, doesn’t mean you did not get the disease or any other lung disease.

3. Drinking alcohol doesn’t protect you against the disease COVID-19 or coronavirus and it will be dangerous.

4. The COVID-19 or coronavirus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.

5. The COVID-19 or coronavirus cannot transmit through Mosquito Bites.

6. Hand Dryers or ultraviolet lamps are not effective in killing the virus. UV lamps cause skin irritation as well.

7. Spraying chlorine or alcohol all over your body will not kill the virus that already entered your body.

8. Vaccines against pneumonia do not protect you against COVID-19 or coronavirus.

So to stay safe from the COVID-19 or coronavirus social distancing, and washing your hands from time to time is the key principle that you must follow. I hope this article might help you to learn more interesting facts about other diseases or homemade remedies related to them just visit our blog.

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#2 18-05-2020 13:37:25

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Re: What are the Myths people have related to the COVID-19?

So to stay safe from the COVID-19 or coronavirus social distancing.

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#3 25-05-2020 15:31:03

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Re: What are the Myths people have related to the COVID-19?

Current scientific research tells us about the Covid-19 and it is on a peak in 14 to 15 days. Although very few patients would die from this disease on the other hand a lot of Myths people have related to the COVID-19 which is not the right way. We need to figure out which are true facts regarding filing for social security disability and which one is just a myth.

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#4 28-05-2020 12:06:19

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Date d'inscription: 28-05-2020
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Re: What are the Myths people have related to the COVID-19?

You should actively exercise and have a diet in moderation to have a standard bmi index. bmi calculator

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