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Richard Mille RM 53-02 Tourbillon Sapphire

Case: Sapphire,Tonneau
Case diameter : 44.50x49.94 mm
Thickness: 16.15 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Manual Winding
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
STRAP: Rubber
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Vertical Tourbillon
Year: 2020

Visual sculpting! RICHARD MILLE 53-02 tourbillon crystal case is light

Vision is an abstract feeling. The color that looks heavy may also be a light material, like the deep black of carbon fiber, but it has the characteristics of light weight. After RICHARD MILLE launched the RM 53-01 tourbillon in 2018, recently launched the new RM 53-02 tourbillon. The function is similar, but the original black carbon fiber case is replaced with a crystal case, which brings light and transparent vision, making it thinner.

The RM 53-01 tourbillon is a collaboration with the famous Argentine polo player Pablo Mac Donough. It uses patented TPT® carbon fiber as the case, so the case has a special and unique embossed vision. The tourbillon movement on the hand chain is also used. The steel cable suspension system has excellent shock-proof effect, so that the polo player can wear it during sports without fear of the possible impact of high impact on the replica luxury watches.

The RM 53-02 Tourbillon watch launched the day before yesterday is even more rare: the sapphire crystal glass case allows the movement to be seen at a glance regardless of 360-degree appreciation. At the same time, the output of RM 53-02 is even rarer, with only 10 pieces in the world. It is worth mentioning that the "wire suspension" used in the hand-winding movement is similar in the RM 27-04 watch released last month: the wire rope is connected into a tennis racket grid shape, And it brings a strong shock absorber effect. When Rafael Nadal won the 2020 French Open championship, he wore the watch and received the trophy. The visual effect was strong.

RICHARD MILLE, the RM 53-02 tourbillon, is rarer than the previous generation RM 53-01 and is limited in the world. The RM 53-02 tourbillon's excellent shock-absorbing effect, coupled with a sapphire crystal case, shows a 360-degree transparency.

The RM 27-04 watch inspired by tennis rackets is lively and interesting with strong vision. When Rafael Nadal won the French Open championship, he wore an ultra-lightweight, shock-resistant RM 27-04 watch with a cable movement.RICHARD MILLE RM 011 replica Watches

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM11-02 CA watch review: sporty, stylish and practical

If the creative concept of Richard Mille is confusing, it is difficult to understand, but it is easy to understand and easy to understand. Whenever the manufacturer releases a model of a watch, fans can't help but admire the novelty of this design, and what restrictions have been broken? This is the point of difficulty and understanding of the Richard Mille brand.

Since using his name as a brand name, man Richard Mille has chosen each brick to create his own world. The models found in the world of Richard Mille are creative in terms of materials, design and function. If you have any questions about the above statement, please join Boss Luxury and learn about Richard Mille's very popular watch model: RM11-02CA. The manufacturer insists that this is another variant, which is a boutique version at the bottom of the replica swiss watches.

The "CA" at the end of the model number accurately shows the special material used by the Richard Mille brand for the RM 11-02 model currently available for Boss Luxury. CA stands for the word carbon. When they appear on the model of a watch, it must be that the case is made of carbon. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) watches are only 100% accurate, while other brands have their own names.

With its impressive aesthetics and basic functions, carbon is a material that often appears in Richard Mille watches. Compared with a basic case made of titanium or white/rose gold, a watch with a carbon case will be more expensive.

So what are the advantages of carbon when making a watch case? First of all beautiful! Richard Mille (Richard Mille) brand has its own standards and manufacturing processes. Each layer of carbon is stacked, and the pattern on the dial naturally undulates without any other standards. However, in order to match the shape of the barrel case and the feeling of wearing it on the hand, the beveled edge of the RM 11-02 CA model 50 x 43 mm case is still guaranteed. The highest completion standard. They are soft and do not have any raised edges.GRAHAM LONDON 2CCCK.B41A Chronofighter Superlight CARBON SKELETON

The next interesting point in the carbon shell is the hardness. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) brand to commemorate tennis player Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) made RM035 series watches (and its variants) in carbon fiber. In order to be able to withstand bumps, the watch must be hard, shockproof, especially lightweight, not cause tangling, and not affect the athlete's swing. If you still have questions about the appearance of the carbon fiber box of the current RM 11-02 CA model, please contact Boss Luxury immediately for practical experience.

Even the large buttons used for the chronograph function or GMT function are made of carbon material to ensure consistency and timepieces. Producer Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is not difficult to identify even from such small details, he also cares about every corner. The large crown around the current RM 11-02 CA model is a white cushion, so when a white rubber strap is included, Boss Luxury will be equipped with an RM 11-02 CA watch. Senses and movement.

Whether the case is smooth but still has personality, or the front and back sapphire crystal surfaces are coated with anti-glare layer, its task is to protect the dial and the internal movement in order and accurately work. . Since its release, the RM 11-02 dial has been highly praised by fans. When matched with Richard Mille's brand, it still has a familiar skeleton style, but the dial with two flyback chronograph functions and RM 11-02 CA's second time zone indicator seems to add movement Sense, individual appearance. To "a lot" instead of "rebellion".replica grand seiko watches

Perhaps the lemon yellow hue still dominates the current dial design. Detailed information, such as the frame of the 4:30 hour window, the indicator of the second time zone alternately displays 12 main digits, the even index at the 12 o'clock sub-circle or the minute counter at the 12 o'clock sub-circle 9 o'clock position. ...All in a lemon yellow hue. What alternately appears is the white tone of the luminous substance on the hour and minute hands, the large Arabic numerals and the red tone of the small hands. The color interference on the dial of the RM 11-02 CA model is both visible and traceable to the details of the dial, ensuring that the function is not affected. The machine details shown below are blurred.

The hollow dial is a way for the manufacturer to show off its cutting-edge craftsmanship. There are two consequences to making a hollow watch. One is that the manufacturer joked before the skeleton arrived, and the other was to make the fan satisfied with the details of the movement that are usually hidden under the dial. With the RM 11-02 CA model on Boss Luxury, no one will be disappointed!

If you feel that the Richard Mille RM 11-02 CA watch model has conquered you, but still want to consider more watches from other brands of Rolex and Audemars Piguet.replica Rolex Watches

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