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What are the different uses of geobags?

Geobags are basically bags made from woven or nonwoven geotextile fabric. The bags are usually filled with sand, soil, crushed stone, or some other convinient filling material. The dimensions of geobags may differ based on the various specifications required by the user. Here’s a quick look at some of the uses and applications of geobags:
1.    Riverbank protection work and erosion control is more efficient when using a  selection of geotextile as a filter layers.
2.    Geobags are quite useful as slope pitching in place of conventional boulder pitching.
3.    Constructions of River Spur, Groins, Deflectors is more efficient when using environmental-friendly geobags.
4.    Separating polluted materials from a harbour or river is easy thanks to geobags and synthetic geotextile.
5.    Non woven geobags are quite useful because of their filtration properties and air permeability.
6.    Needle punched non-woven geotextile fabric can be use for erosion control of river basin.
As you can see, geobags are quite popular because they have many practical applications. If you have a civil engineering project or a construction project that require geobags then you can get in touch with the best Geobag Supplier in Bihar to find material that meets your requirements.
Visit here:
Geobag Manufacturer in India

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